Wine and Roses Weigela

Wine and Roses Weigela ® is a deciduous shrub. This bush is covered with beautiful dark-purple foliage.  Neon-pink flowers cover the plant in the summer-time. The dark purple foliage contrasts the bright pink flowers nicely.  Cone-shaped flowers decorate the Weigela shrub.  These flowers are about one inch long when they are mature. Branches on this plant are dark-purple to burgundy. The inner leaves that do not receive as much light, tend to be a shade of green.

The flowers of this shrub attract hummingbirds to your property.  Wine and Roses Weigela ® continuously blooms all summer long.  This moderate growing shrub requires minimal maintenance when it is fully established.  This shrub is great to plant in landscapes because it is deer resistant.

Wine and Roses Weigela ®

Wine and Roses Weigela ® Flower

Wine and Roses Weigela ®

Weigela Florida ‘Alexandra’ P.P. #10,772 C.B.R. #2,642

Plant Details

Flower Color- Bright Pink

Foliage Color- Dark purple

Zone- 5-8

Height- 4′-5′

Spread- 3′-5′

Light- Part shade to full sun.

Details-  Wine and Roses Weigela ® has dark purple leaves and bright pink flowers.  This shrub is deer resistant.  This shrub can attract hummingbirds to your property.

Pruning-  Pruning should be done in late summer when the plant is done flowering for the year.  Pruning can be done at other times of the year, but it may affect the quality and quantity of the plant’s flowers. This plant does tolerate heavy pruning, but it is not recommended. Annual pruning during the summer is adequate to help the plant maintain its shape and keep it in its growing area.

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