Snow blower maintenance is an important part of keeping your machine ready to work.  With the snow season nearing, it is time to wipe off the dust on your snow blower.  There are a few things to look out for when getting your snow blower ready for this winter.  The check list below should help you with your snow blower maintenance.

Snow Blower Maintenance

Snow blower maintenance tips.

  • If you have a four-stroke engine on you snow blower, you should change the oil about every 50 hours of operation.  If you still have your snow blower manual from when you purchased your machine, check it for oil specifications and changing frequency.  If you recently changed the oil in your engine, you should still check the level on a regular basis.
  • Change your fuel filter yearly.  Since fuel filters are so cheap, it makes sense to change them on an annual basis.  One of the most common types of malfunctions found during snow blower maintenance is a dirty fuel filter.  If your filter is plugged, fuel will not properly flow through it, causing you engine problems.
  • Add fuel stabilizer to your gas.  This will reduce carburetor problems and will keep your fuel fresh longer.
  • Check the air in your tires.  Low or flat tires will stop the machine from performing at its designed level.
  • Check the scraper bar during snow blower maintenance.  The scraper bar can be found on the bottom of the machine.  Since it is usually made of plastic, it will wear out over time.
  • Inspect the auger on two stage units check to make sure that the auger is in good shape.  If you have a single stage unit, check to see if the rubber paddles need replacing.  If your paddles are worn out, it will affect the operation of your machine.
  • Always check the fasteners and bolts on your machine during snow blower maintenance.  The machine may vibrate loose parts off if they are not properly tightened.
  • Replace the spark plug on your machine.  This is an inexpensive way to keep your machine performing its best.