Snow shovels are a labor intensive alternative to snow blowers.  If you don’t have the luxury of using a snow blower, or your property cannot support its operation, then it looks like you are stuck using snow shovels.  Like with anything, not all snow shovels are the same or created equally.  There are hundreds of designs out there to aid you with your winter snow removal projects.  Below are a few snow shovel options that may be of interest to you.  Some are definitely easier on the back than others.

Snow Shovel

Snow Shovel Options

Snow pushers-  This type of snow shovel design allows the user to push snow rather than shovel it.  The curved U handle design is similar to that of a lawn mower.  The operator can place their hands on the bar and simply push snow into a pile.  When the snow shovel bucket is full, the operator can push the snow to the side of the driveway or sidewalk and avoid lifting it.  This type of operation cuts down on possible back injuries caused by lifting snow instead of pushing snow. Curved handle-  Curved handle snow shovels are designed to get the shovel in place so that the scoop catches snow while at the same time allowing the operator to fully stand up during operation.  Instead of having to bend over, the curved handle design moves the handle into position so that the operator can easily handle the snow. Snow wheels-  Believe it or not, there are actually snow shovels that come with a wheel attached to it.  The wheel design allow the operator to roll the blade out instead of manually push it.  You can leverage the wheel to lift the snow shovel without straining your back.  In this design your arms do all of the work. Traditional- Traditional snow shovels come in many forms, sizes and materials.  Plastic shovels work best for lifting heavy snow because of their lightweight design.  These are made to be thrown away shovels as they only last for a season or two before they break.  Aluminum shovels offer durability but a lightweight design as well.  These shovels will last longer than plastic, but they will still weigh more.