Summer snow storm hits parts of South Dakota leaving up to inches of snow.  Sound like tall tale?  Believe it or not some part of South Dakota have already received their first measurable snow fall of the 2014-2015 winter.  This summer snow storm was the earliest snow fall that South Dakota has received in over 120 years.  Even Mount Rushmore, a popular summer tourist spot, was buried under 7 inches of snow this week.  If you are headed that way in the near future, don’t worry too much as temperatures will return into the 70’s this weekend and melt away a lot of snow.  South Dakota wasn’t the only state that saw snow this week.  Wyoming also saw its share of snow with totals reaching over 4 inches for the second week in September.  This snow was a shock to farmers and landscape enthusiasts alike.  Summer blooming perennial flowers haven’t even stopped growing for the season.  Most summer blooming flowers are still in full bloom.  This type of event is pretty unique because you can be mowing your lawn one day and snow blowing your drive way the next.  I guess we might all be in for a surprise this winter.  The old farmer’s Almanac is calling for more than normal winter precipitation and cooler than normal temperatures.  Since fall is technically still two weeks away, I guess the majority of us can still consider ourselves lucky that we did not receive a summer snow storm.

Summer Snow Storm

Summer snow storms in some states, freezing temperatures in others.

A polar vortex is sweeping the country causing some states to experience a summer snow storm and others to see freezing temperatures.  There are seven states that are predicting to drop their temperatures below the freezing mark this week.  This means that summer is gone and winter is right around the corner.