Columnar English Oak

Columnar English Oak is a deciduous tree that grows moderately fast.  This tree works well in small spaces because it grows tall and narrow.  With this tree variety, you can get the beauty of an oak tree without compromising the growing space needed to house a larger species of oak.  This tree is commonly planted along streets and in landscapes.

Since Columnar English Oak still produces acorns, you should consider this when placing this tree.  Smaller trees will not pose much of a nuisance, but larger trees may produce large amounts of acorns.  The acorns have a little fruit the size of a marble with a cap on top. The cap is bumpy and holds the fruit to the tree. This tree is also deer resistant which makes it an excellent candidate for wooded plantings. As with any young tree, it is essential to protect the bark during the fall when deer are in the rut.

Columnar English Oak will grow up to fifty feet tall when fully mature. This variety will grow fifteen feet wide when it is mature. This oak works best when planted in full sun environments. If you are looking for a beautiful specimen tree to add to your landscape, consider installing the Columnar English Oak.

Columnar English Oak

Columnar English Oak Leaves

Columnar English Oak Accorn

Columnar English Oak

Quercus Robur ‘Fastigiata’

Plant Details

Flower Color- None

Foliage Color- Dark green in the summer turning yellow in the fall and brown over winter.

Zone- 5-8

Height- 50 feet tall

Spread- 15 feet wide

Light- Full sun

Details- This is a unique shade tree that works well in small areas.  The growth pattern of this tree is tall and skinny which allows it to be planted in small areas.  This oak works well when planted in rows or windbreaks.

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