Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine is a fast growing evergreen tree.  Needles of the pine are about four inches long. These needles are thin and soft to the touch, unlike other evergreen varieties. This tree is commonly used for windbreaks or as a tall screen.  This evergreen is pyramid forming.  This pine can be planted as a stand-alone tree or in rows.

The branches of the Eastern White Pine grow out vertically and are relatively strong.  The branches of this evergreen also produce pinecones. Pinecones from this tree are about six inches long and an inch wide on mature trees. When the pinecones dry out, they provide useful seeds. Seeds from the pinecones are used for reproduction of the tree.  This evergreen tree will get up to eighty feet tall and twenty feet wide when it is fully mature.

Eastern White Pine is commonly used as a Christmas tree. The long needles provide an outstanding look for a traditional tree.

Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine Needles

Eastern White Pine

Pinus Strobus

Plant Details

Flower Color- No Flowers

Foliage Color- Green to Blue-Green

Zone- 3-9

Height- 50 feet to 80 feet tall

Spread- 15 feet to 20 feet wide

Light- Sun

Details- This evergreen is fast growing and requires minimal maintenance once established.  Regular watering is needed during periods of extreme heat and drought.  Birds and other animals are attracted to this tree because of its density.  This evergreen is native to North American and can be found in many States.

Spring is the best time to prune this evergreen if necessary. Pruning should be limited to selective pruning. Trimming only branches that grow out of shape is the best pruning practice. As always, pruning can be done at any time to remove dead or damaged branches.

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