Pin Oak

Pin Oak trees make excellent shade trees.  This deciduous hardwood is a fast growing oak tree. The Pin Oak produces a magnificent form with its straight trunk and quality branching. This variety of oak will grow to about fifty feet tall and forty feet wide. The bark of this oak is grey.

Leaves on the Pin Oak are bright green in the spring. The top side of the leaf is dark green and glossy. The underside of the leaves is light green and glossy as well. In the fall, the foliage turns from green to brown. As the tree enters winter, the foliage of the tree begins to drop. Foliage on the Pin Oak will slowly drop over winter. There may even been remaining leaves in the spring from the previous year.

Though reasonably hardy, this tree may require frequent watering during periods of extreme heat or drought.  Once established, this tree requires little maintenance.  This tree is commonly planted as a park tree or street line tree.  The pyramidal form of this tree makes a desirable focal point in many landscapes. This oak produces acorns which can become a nuisance. Keep this in mind when you are considering installing a pin oak in your landscape.

Pin Oak

Pin Oak Leaves

Pin Oak Bark

Pin Oak Leaf

Pin Oak

Quercus Palustris

Plant Details

Flower Color- None

Foliage Color- Green in the summer and reddish-brown in the fall.

Zone- 4-8

Height- 50 feet tall

Spread- 40 feet wide

Light- Full sun

Details- This oak tree is a fast grower.  Their sharp tips identify the leaves of this oak tree compared to rounded leave of other species. Pin Oak produces acorns which will act as a food source for wildlife. The acorns may also pose a hazard or mess depending on how plentiful the population is for that year.

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