Serbian Spruce

Serbian spruce trees are medium to fast growing evergreen trees.  They can grow up to several feet per year.  This tree is decorated with dark purple pine cones.  The needles of this pine tree are about 1″ long.  The tree can retain its needles for up to 10 years.  Serbian spruce trees are a native tree of Serbia and Yugoslavia.  This variety of tree has adapted to growing in limestone environments, so it is able to withstand high pH soils just fine.  Serbian spruce does prefer well-drained soil and does not do well in wet areas.

Serbian Spruce

Picea Omorika

Plant Details

Flower Color- No flowers

Foliage Color- Dark green on the top side and silverish on the bottom side

Zone- 4-7

Height- 50 feet tall

Spread- 20 feet wide

Light- Part shade to full sun

Details- Works well when planted as a wind break.  Does well in snowy environments where heavy snow can collect on the branches.  The branches of this tree are firm and flexible, making it capable of withstanding snow pack.

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Additional information on Serbian Spruce trees.