If you are looking to build a water feature for your landscape, there are some necessary waterfall parts that you must have.  The size of the unit and its purpose will determine what material you need for your project.  Before you start shopping for waterfall parts, make sure that you determine the size of your project.  The most important think that you will need to know before your purchase waterfall parts is, how much water will I be moving.  To find out how much water that you will be moving, you need to take some measurements.  Find out what the cubic feet of area is that your water feature will encompass.  You will also need to determine how fast the water will flow through the feature.  We are not talking about the number of gallons of water per hour.  We are talking about how fast the water will flow through your feature from the time it is pumped into the feature until it is pumped out.  Once you determine your water needs, now you can start thinking about gallons of water per hour.

Waterfall Parts

Waterfall parts including your pump.

Your pump size should be chosen depending on the water needs of your feature.  You will need to find out how many of gallons of water that your feature will need per hour.  Once you have that number, now you can start looking for a pump.  If you choose a pump that is too small, you can burn it up.  If you choose a pump that is too large, you can wreck your feature.  Obviously there is a window of error to play with.  Just try to find the right sized pump that fits your projects needs.

Other waterfall parts that you may need.

  • Pond liner hard plastic or rubber mat
  • Falls box
  • Aqua basin
  • Flexible pvc pipe for transferring water
  • Filters
  • Snorkel
  • Aqua boxes (these go where your pump is to reduce the amount of rock placed around the pump unit.)
  • PVC glue
  • Pipe tape
  • Misc. fittings

How to winterize your water feature.