Buckhorn Plantain

Buckhorn plantain closely resembles that of common plantain except for the plants leaves.  Buckhorn plantain has long narrow lime green leaves compared to the oval leaves of common plantain.  The leaves are about one inch wide.  The back side of the leaves are covered with tiny white hairs.  The top side of the leaves are smooth.  Just like common plantain, buckhorn plantain has a long narrow stock that grow from the center of the basal rosette.  This stock produces seeds which grows in a cone form.  The stocks of this plant are leaf less, since the leaves grow out of the base of the plant.  The seed head blooms in late May through September.  Buckhorn plantain reproduces by seed as well as root shoots.

Buckhorn Plantain

Buckhorn Plantain Seed Pod

Buckhorn Plantain Leaves

Buckhorn Plantain

Plantago Coronopus


Treat this plant with a selective broadleaf herbicide when the plant is actively growing.

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