Common Mallow

Common Mallow is a broadleaf commonly found in Iowa lawns.  Mallow grows from a thick tap-root down the center of the plant.  The length of the tap-root will vary depending on the maturity and health of the plant.  The leaves are rounded with toothed edges which resemble several other broadleaf plants.  The back of the leaves of this plant are attached to a long stem.  The main stem of this plant can be as little as a few inche tall up to three feet tall.  Mallow produces light purple flowers from May to October.  The flowers have 5 petals that are about 1/2 inch wide.  Common Mallow spreads by seed.  The seed pods of this plant resemble that of a round yellow wheel.

Common Mallow

Common Mallow Flowers

Common Mallow

Malva Neglecta


Treat this plant with a selective broadleaf herbicide when the plant is actively growing.

Similar broadleaf weeds.

  • Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie)

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