Common Mullein

Common Mullein is a broadleaf weed that can reach six feet tall when it is fully mature.  The foliage is covered with grey hairs hence the nick name Woolly Mullein.  The foliage is similar in texture to that of felt.  Common Mullein emerges from a basal rosette and grows upward.  This plant reproduces by seed.  This weed produces white to yellow flowers that bloom on a large stock.  The flowers are composed of five petals.  The flowers emerge at the top of the plant.

Common Mullein

Common Mullein

Verbascum Thapsus


Common Mullein can be prevented through the use of a pre-emergent product labeled for its control.  Treatment of an established plant can be made through the use of a selective broadleaf herbicide product.

Similar broadleaf weeds.

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