One of the most recognizable broadleaf weeds is the Dandelion.  These weeds are commonly found in lawns across eastern Iowa.  This broadleaf weed has a thick tap roots which often branch out.  The leaves of the dandelion plant are long  with large serrations.  The tips of the serrations are pointed back at the rosette of the plant.  Flowering stems in this broadleaf weed contain a white fluid resembling that of milk.  Yellow flowers grow upon stalks that individually hover over the base of the plant.  When this plant goes to seed, yellow flowers turn to white puff balls.  Dandelions spread by stems forming in the roots as well as the abundant disbursement of seeds.



Puff Ball




Taraxacum Officinale


Treat this plant with a selective broadleaf herbicide when the plant is actively growing.

Similar broadleaf weeds.

  • Annual Sowthistle
  • Common Catsear
  • Prickly Lettuce

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