Ground Ivy “Creeping Charlie”

Ground Ivy is a creeping broadleaf weed commonly referred to as Creeping Charlie.  The leaves of this plant are heart-shaped and rounded with serrated edges.  The leaves of this broadleaf plant are about the size of an adult thumb nail.  Ground Ivy is a member of the mint family.  This plant produces funnel-shaped, pinkish purple flowers in clusters.  Ground Ivy is commonly found in shaded areas of the lawn that have moist soil.  Most of the time this plant reproduces by the extension of stolons and sometimes by seed.  This weed will usually require multiple treatments of a broadleaf herbicide to completely eliminate if the lawn.  The best time to control this weed is when it is actively growing and flowering.

  Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy “Creeping Charlie”

Glechoma Hederacea


Treat this plant with a selective broadleaf herbicide when the plant is actively growing.

Similar broadleaf weeds.

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