Lambsquarters is a broadleaf summer annual weed.  The leaves of this plant are oval in shape and are about 2″ long and 1″ wide when they are fully mature.  The edges of the leaves are rigid and form a distinct point.  The top of the leave is darker green than the underside.  The underside is chalky-green in color.  Lambsquarters has a large taproot that aids in the survival of this plant.  The flowers of this plant are formed in clusters.  The clusters are hard and do not produce petals.  Lambsquarters is usually found in low maintenance turf areas.  Regular maintenance can reduce the emergence and spread of this weed.  Lambsquarters is sometimes consumed as an edible plant found in nature.



Chenopodium Album


Treat this plant with a selective broadleaf herbicide when the plant is actively growing.

Similar broadleaf weeds.

  • Redroot pigweed

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