Yellow Nutsedge

Yellow Nutsedge has waxy triangular shaped leaves that resemble grass.  The blades do not have any hair on them.  Nutsedge is often miscategorized as “water grass.”  Nutsedge is lime green in color and dramatically stand out in bluegrass.  This plant has an underground root system that contains rhizomes and tubers often referred to as “nutlets” by which the plant reproduces.  One Nutsedge tuber can produce over 1,000 plants in a single growing season.  Nutsedge produces seed heads that are yellow to brown.  Purple Nutsedge produces seed heads that are purple.  This plant thrives in wet, poorly drained soils as well as sandy soils.  Mature plants can reach up to one foot tall.

Yellow Nutsedge In a Lawn

Yellow Nutsedge in Lawn

Yellow Nutsedge mature plant

Yellow Nutsedge

Yellow Nutsedge Blades

Nutsedge Blade

Nutlets on Yellow Nutsedge.

Yellow Nutsedge Nutlets

Yellow Nutsedge Roots and Nutlets

Yellow Nutsedge Roots

Yellow Nutsedge Flowers

Yellow Nutsedge Flowers

Yellow Nutsedge

Cyperus Esculentus


Treatment for this weed should be made with a post-emergent herbicide labeled for Nutsedge control.

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