Window well repairs are relatively easy, if you know what you are doing.  Most homes with basements have a window well in one form or another.  The best course of action is to install the window well properly the first time to avoid any problems down the road.  Even properly installed window wells may need repair from time to time.  Erosion is the main reason why it is necessary to perform window well repairs.  Improper grading can direct water to flow towards the window well.  Damaged or missing down spouts can also contribute to the need for window well repairs.  Window wells are installed so that your basement windows are visible.  Basement windows may be partially or completely below the ground level of your property.  Window wells are basically retaining walls created around your window.

Window well repairs.

Window Well Repairs

Most window wells are made of metal, plastic or block.  Settling may occur when the window well is exposed to water.  Erosion can cause pressure behind the well, bowing it in or causing it to lean.  If your well has experienced erosion around it, you may have to perform window well repairs.  Once the well is compromised, soil and rock may find its way into your window.  Water may enter your home from the well area causing damage inside your property.  The best way to keep water out of your home is by properly grading your lawn.  Connecting drain tiles to your down spouts will help direct water away from the foundation of your property.

If your window well is old or damaged, you may consider replacing it.  If your window well is in good condition but has eroded, consider digging it out and resetting it.  Metal or plastic window wells should be secured to the foundation of your property.  Block retaining walls should be as tight to the foundation as possible to reduce water erosion.