Hardscape projects are still possible to install during winter months.  Since every winter is different, some tend to be more milder than others.  This winter seems to be off to a slow start.  The early snow in mid November had us all fooled.  Cooler than normal temperatures led us to believe that winter was here to stay for a while.  Since that didn’t turn out to be the case, it is back to work.  With little or no frost in the ground, now is still a good time to get your hardscape projects installed so that you can use them right away in the spring.  It is pretty much business as usual, you can still get retaining walls, patios and other great hardscape projects installed before the ground freezes.  Getting the hardscape projects out-of-the-way now will allow you to start planting right away in the spring.  As with most springs, the weather is quite unpredictable.  Most springs in Iowa are fairly rainy, which will delay most hardscape projects.  Hardscape projects work best when the ground is lightly moist, but not wet.  This allows for easy removal of soil, but does not create burdensome interference from moisture.

Some popular hardscape projects trending now.

With the transition to outdoor living spaces, fire pit and patio installation is on the rise.  More and more people are looking at turning their back yard into a relaxation area.  Paver patios are a great way to provide a staging area for your grill or they can provide a relaxing seating area for your guests.  Fire pits don’t always have to be for the campsite.  Why not build one in your back yard?  If you want the atmosphere of hanging out with friends around a campfire but don’t want to head to the park, you may be interested in installing a fire pit.   Fire pits can be built in ground and above ground.  Grilling areas can be added to these hardscape projects as well.  Outdoor cooking ovens can also be created using cement blocks.  The possibilities are endless when creating hardscape projects in your yard.