Winter landscape ideas should include incorporating plants that will add winter interest to your landscape.  Instead of letting your landscape winter over and become an unattractive feature for your property, why not install plant that add winter interest.  Winter landscape plants can even include deciduous shrubs.  Evergreens are the preferred winter landscape plants, but deciduous shrubs such as dogwood can add some winter color.  Red twig or yellow twig dogwood shrubs will add an interesting look when set next to fresh snow.  Once the leaves of the plants have fallen, the bark of the shrubs is now visible.  The bright reds and yellow colors can definitely spark interest in your winter landscape.  Evergreen shrubs are also great plants to incorporate in your winter landscape.  Since they are a solid year round plant, you will not lose the natural green foliage color during the winter.  Evergreens also come in a variety of shades of green.  The leaf or needle size and shape can also create an interesting winter landscape design.  There are even evergreens with yellow foliage such as false cypress and gold splash winter-creeper.

What winter landscape plants work well for birds.

One additional interest during the winter is also bird watching.  If you choose the right landscape plants, you might have a steady show of birds visiting your landscape this winter.  Evergreens that are dense work best when trying to attract birds to your property.  Birds like to nest in plants that are shielded from the wind and other outside elements.  Dense bushes provide protection as well as help hide the birds from predators.  Adding a winter bird feeder to your landscape can also help attract birds to your landscape.  Keep in mind that most bird seed will be messy and will create weeds in your landscape.  If you have a mulched bed or don’t mind the mess, this may be an option for your landscape.