Winterize water feature before winter hits.  If you have a water fall, pond or water feature, it is important to shut down your feature before the water has a chance to freeze.  If you leave your pump in your water feature over winter, most likely it will not work when you use it in the spring.  When you winterize water feature, the most important thing to do is remove your pump.  Take your pump and store it in a room temperature area where it will not freeze.  Make sure that your pump is submerged in water so that your seals do not dry up.

When you winterize water feature, you might have to drain some of the water.  Depending on which type of feature that you have, you may be required to remove all or some of the water.  Some features such as statues do not always weather well, so it might be a good idea to cover them up if you are leaving them outdoors.  When you winterize water feature, make sure to clean all algae off of the feature.  When your feature is shut down, now is the perfect time to do any cleaning or repairs.

Winterize Water Feature

How to winterize water feature.

  • Remove the pump for winter storage.
  • Remove water from the feature if necessary.
  • Clean your feature by hand or with a power washer.
  • Make any necessary repairs.
  • Adjust the stones in your water fall for a different look.
  • Blow out any remaining water left in the water lines with a compressor.
  • Cover the feature if applicable.
  • Move the feature inside if applicable.
  • Turn off all power sources to the water feature.

Proper shut down and maintenance of water features will prolong the life of your feature.  Make sure to winterize water feature before the temperature gets below 32 degrees F.  If you have a partial freeze and your pump is still running, you may burn out the pump.  Start your shut down sooner than later so that way your feature is protected against the elements.